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360 Photobooth

$75.00 Hour

2-4 hours

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Step right up to the portal of awesomeness, where time stands still, and memories come to life in a 360-degree spectacle! Our 360 photobooth isn't just a booth; it's a vortex of pure fun and candid craziness.

Picture this: you, your pals, and a camera that captures every angle of your epic shenanigans. Spin, twirl, or do the robot dance—whatever strikes your fancy—because in this photobooth, there's no such thing as a bad angle.

It's not just a photo. It's a mini adventure frozen in time, where you become the star of your very own visual saga. Say goodbye to boring, static snapshots; say hello to the revolution of photography, where you're not boxed in by frames, but set free in the whirlwind of your own imagination.

Step inside, strike a pose, and let the 360 magic unfold. Prepare for a photo experience that's as wild and wonderful as you are. The 360 photobooth: where memories spin, laughter echoes, and every snapshot tells a story that defies the laws of ordinary. Let the revolution begin! 🌀📸

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